Review Of OWC Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 1TB portable SSD

Jolt 3 is discreetly building up itself as the favored interface for top-of-the-go gadgets (despite the fact that we trust it doesn’t endure a similar destiny as Firewire). Its physical similarity with USB Type-C implies that we’re seeing more stockpiling gadgets utilizing Thunderbolt 3 (TB3), as the client base of perfect host gadgets increments.

OWC (Other World Computing) has quite recently presented the new Envoy Pro EX 2019, a rough convenient NVMe transport controlled SSD with a Thunderbolt 3 connector. It is accessible in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB forms for $279, $379 and $699 separately – we tried the 1TB model.



The nearness of a Thunderbolt 3 port on an outer drive doesn’t ensure execution; it just implies that it will be perfect with gadgets that have this port. We’ve seen a developing number of TB3 gadgets with turning hard circle drives or SATA-based strong state drives – and both convey a small amount of the read and compose rates of PCIe models. So spare yourself from disillusionment via cautiously picking your Thunderbolt 3 stockpiling arrangement.

The OWC Envoy Pro EX is ensured by a removable elastic sleeve, and the parts are housed in what OWC depicts as a “solid, thin and beautiful” anodized dark aluminum fenced in area. Picking this material implies that the case serves as a mammoth warmth sink, with warmth dissemination improved gratitude to the balances that go around the edges.

At 145 x 74 x 23mm, with a load of 300g, this drive is little enough to be conveyed effectively. OWC, be that as it may, felt it was important to incorporate the TB3 link with the SSD. We don’t concur with that choice particularly as the drive accompanies MIL-STD810G drop test affirmation and a three-year guarantee. OWC sells exposed walled in areas however unfortunately no NVMe Thunderbolt 3 models – what a disgrace.

The issue here is the thing that occurs if the link is harmed, and the appropriate response is impossible to say, as it’s not secured by the guarantee. Given its length – just 15cm – it may be unreasonably short for some clients, also.

A pluggable TB3 link in addition to an elastic fold to cover the TB3 connector would have been liked, particularly as it would enable the Envoy Pro EX to be completely IP68 consistent. There’s a positive botched chance here.

The other eminent component is a splendid white LED that lights up when associated with a host PC. That LED can’t be killed or redid by means of programming – possibly that could be another improvement for the following emphasis of the item.


Here’s the way the OWC Envoy Pro EX performed in our benchmark tests:

CrystalDiskMark: 2836MBps (read); 597MBps (compose)

Atto: 2590MBps (read, 256mb); 1330MBps (compose, 256mb)

AS SSD: 2069MBps (seq read); 1158MBps (seq compose)

Equipment and execution 

The past form of the OWC Envoy Pro EX was evaluated at 1.8GBps while the one we tried rocks a most extreme cited speed of 2.5GBps, a huge 39% expansion. That is because of another anonymous SSD fueled by a Phison E12 controller, as opposed to the more slow (and more established) OWC Mercury M.2 SSD. The new drive is probably going to be fundamentally the same as this MyDigitalSSD NVMe model which uses a similar controller.

Without a doubt, the drive was perceived by CrystalDiskInfo as the OWC Aura P12. In manufactured tests, the drive hit 2.84GBps in read speeds in CrystalDiskMark 6.0.2. Strangely, compose rates were far underneath our desires at just shy of 600MBps – not exactly 33% of what the Samsung X5 accomplished.

A solitary 100GB record took 181 seconds to move, which converts into a normal speed of 552MBps. The underneath normal compose execution was not seen in Atto and AS SSD benchmarks where the Envoy Pro hit 1.33GBps and 1.16GBps separately.


A few drives, similar to the OWC Envoy Pro EX, are not good with the customary USB Type-C port, in spite of being physically perfect. Connecting one to a non-TB3 prepared PC will yield literally nothing. In any case, any semblance of the new MacBook Air deliver with Type-C connectors that are Thunderbolt 3 perfect ports, in this manner growing the potential client base fundamentally.

We have checked on two other inactively controlled Thunderbolt 3 stockpiling gadgets in the ongoing past: The Patriot Evlvr, a 1TB model that retails for $300 at the hour of composing, while the Samsung X5 is evaluated at an eye-watering $448. The exceptional that the X5 pulls in can be legitimized by its completely amazing exhibition – the best from a non-RAID outer capacity arrangement. Note that all costs are from Amazon (US) and prohibit expenses and dispatching.

Other compact 1TB SSD items with a Thunderbolt 3 connector incorporate the HP P800 ($400), Glyph Technologies 1TB Atom Pro ($500), the Transcend StoreJet 500 ($350), the Dell Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD ($400), the G-Technology G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD ($500) and the VisionTek Portable 1TB Thunderbolt 3 SSD ($511). A progressively exhaustive rundown of Thunderbolt 3 stockpiling gadgets can be found on the official Thunderbolt 3 site.

OWC likewise sells an extraordinary release of this drive called the VE (Video Edition) which is “execution tuned” for video creation, and that converts into a 12% expansion in the compose speed. The value premium for that, however, is huge at 80% and 40% for the 1TB and 2TB models individually.

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